Chippydootles Repositories


    • KiCad I started my electronics journey in KiCad in 2017? It's only gotten better since
    • Krita FOSS digital art program, I use it along with a intous for hand drawing some raster art
    • FreeCad There can be a learning curve but it's a very capable parametric design CAD
    • Darktable Open source digital photo studio (alternative to adobe lightroom)
    • Affinity Designer A proprietary paid application for vector art but offers product at much more affordable price than Adobe
    • Zola Open source static-site generator written in rust
    • adidoks theme Zola Theme used for this site


    • Oshpark Circuit board fab house based in the united states. Champion of the Pretty Purple PCB.
    • JLCpcb Circuit board fab house based in china
    • Pcbway Circuit board fab house also in china

    Digital Component Suppliers

    • Digikey My go to digital front for component sourcing
    • Mouser My second go to for component sourcing
    • Arduino Educational based Programming tool for microcontrollers. Easiest way to get started for most chippydootles.
    • megaTinyCore Arduino core for Attiny series 0,1, and 2 microcontrollers. Needed for Amulets and Pendant programming.
    • megaTinyCore owner's tindie Tindie store of the maintainer/owner of megatinycore.
    • Tindie Webfront for electronics makers to sell to others! Very neat.